I am a Transformational Healer
Life Artist
I am connected to the invisible realms
I sense the collective field
I am guided by Meditation

I didn´t exactly choose this path myself. I was called, drawn, pulled into it by something bigger than me. I know now, that I have always been a sensitive, empath – and maybe I chose that before even coming to earth. 

I tried for a long time to live life according to society and not according to my own guidance, that was a mismatch and it didn´t make me happy.

When I was in my early thirties I started feeling a strong buzzing in my hands. I felt it was a strong loving energy leading me, and taking over my whole body and attention when it happened, it was also playful and bubbly. This energy lead me to a reiki healer – and I started by getting initiated into reiki. It felt like the beginning of coming home. And ever since I have connected deeper and deeper to my home, my inner truth. I lead my life from there as much as I can. I see everything is connected and our essence is love.

I connect with elements, beings of all kinds. I communicate with animals and trees and I love to connect heart to heart – soul to soul. I sense the world very strongly and deeply. I clear traumas of the common field that I never experienced in this life. 

I get answers through meditations – meditation runs through everything I do. The meditations led me to India, to my beloved, to start earth meditations in a church in Denmark, to move country, to go for my dreams. Whenever I connect in, the voice is clear. Very clear.

I am always going deeper, learning and exploring more. It is inevitable when you are like me.
My dream and passion is to create a colorful, organic, healing, creative world, that are based on heartfulness and holds free spirited individuals who wants to take responsibility for themselves and the whole. Who wants to live their truth. Who knows that only they can create the life their soul is yearning for.

I am a Reiki Master teacher Energy Healer, Osho therapist trained through 3 years, Soul Art guide, Intuitive painting guide, certified Life- and Business coach. I have taken training in animal communication, tantra, channeling. Originally educated as a social advisor.
I developed the transformational healingmodalities AscensionTouch and Primordial Language. 

I work with energy, and heart opening – I help you rise your vibration to love, to your natural state and let your body re-align to it´s natural balance.
When you work with me, you will get connected to your source, your own truth. I hold the space so you can dive as deep as nessesary to return to your full light. I see your potential. I see your souls desire. I have been diving deep into the dark night of the soul myself – I know how to go deep and I know you will come back freed from your limitations and fears.

I know you will grow and I will let you.

Let´s rise in Love.

Below is an interview for my Danish friends about my story made by Susanne Sundancer – www.sacred-songs.com

Min Historie -

Et interview om at rejse både i det ydre og det indre .