It was an amazingly beautiful channeling and it came at the perfectly right time. Thank you so much and thank you to Osho. What an amazing message. Now I know who is teaching me all these amazing things I am being told lately……and now I get a confirmation of what I have been thinking myself. I have begun to receive messages in another level than before…and so much new dawns on me. I love the way the serious issues is delievered with humour…this loving wise energy. Thank you, you have helped me more than words can describe, Lalitah.

Katja Soiku, Shiatsu Therapist, Denmark

Dear Lalitah
I had the most comfortable rest in days in your session. I wept when I read what you wrote. All I can think of was love in the session and all I need is that as well. It did profoundly resonated with me.
When the session was done I was hungry and had appetite which is a major sign in healing.Most of the healing was pure energy of love and the awakening call of how I used up my mind and body so restlessly to receive love and forgot to give it myself. Thank you. In tears. Thank you

Melda Göknel, Marketing Strategist, Turkey

The healings you made for me have been giving me deep empowerment. I will be forever thankful to you for that”

Can Baldan, Ceremonial Leader – Turkey

“Thank you so much. This work can not be valued in money. It is life changing”

Emre , Manager and Owner of Machine company - Turkey

Working with Lalitah was the perfect support I needed in my life. All of the previous discoveries about myself came together to form the big picture. This way I realized how to feel and recognize the answers that are already alive and present in my soul.

Her gentle way of combining different spiritual techniques, the way she embraces ‘the now’ during the healing and her talent of ultimate empathy with my way of blocking my ‘unwanted’ emotions; gave me the feeling of being safe and being understood. And this gave me the courage to start allowing the creativity of my soul to unfold and it gave me the courage to feel it in different fields of my life, such as my work and career with music education.

Pinar Dönmez, Musician and music Teacher, Netherlands