Soul Art is an amazing enlightening and healing journey into yourself and other realms through using the creative expression and creating expressive art as a voice for it.

Soul Art can teach you how to connect to your higher self. And how to listen to your body wisdom. It can help you to embody your spirit and it can empower you to move in life as you want to and what is true for you. It acts as an amazing catalysts in visualizing and embodying your changes. A Soul Art process is Life changing.
With Soul Art you get a language to communicate with your body, mind, emotions and spirit. It takes you into other realms and you use the creative expression to get to know yourself on a deep level. Soul Art is healing and it gives you an inner support to move with in life. It connects you, grounds you and give you deep insights.

What does Soul Art mean to Lalitah?
Soul Art means for me a journey where you dive deep into yourself and get answers from your spirit using creativity as a portal. I love the creative expression which allows you to express yourself and your insights with a language beyond words. For me it has been a very grounding and integrating journey of my energy work to combine it with Soul Art. It makes me so happy to express through creativity and it has now become integrated in my life as “a need to do”. A way of taking care of myself. Finally I can express myself in my language.

There is a luscious breathing space within your work and process that lets the energy continuously drop deeper to support your blazing light. Your creative power is exuding from the center and people are feeling the warmth of your rays. Wishing you wild pleasure as you continue on your creative spiritual path!

Laura Hollick

Creator of Soul Art