Reiki Healing

Beocme a certified Reiki Master Healer

I myself, started my spiritual trainings by taking reiki initiations, after I received the healing energy as a strong buzzing in my hands. It helped me understand more about the energy world and how to be channels for energy. I still remember after my reiki 1 initiation over 1 weekend, when I woke up the monday morning my head was practically empty for thoughts. It was the first time in my life I had that experience. I could choose my own thoughts, there was no noice or voices going on in my head just the voice that said ” wow, it´s empty…..I can decide what I want to think…..I don´t have to think anything…it is silent….”

Reiki means Universal Energy. It is a well known healing modality – and it is an amazing foundation for all kinds of healing work. It open your channels to receive the Universal Divine Energy. It is easy to learn for everyone.
I initiate into the Usui System, which was rediscoverd by the Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki is taught in 3 levels – and a teacher level

Reiki 1: You get the first initiation. You learn the reiki symbols and handpositions. And you get to practise, ask questions etc. After reiki 1 you are able to give yourself healing, your friends, pets, plants, food, water.

Reiki 2: Here your get initiated into remote healing and you deepen your healing abilities and get more power in you healing.

Reiki 3: Is the master initiation. You are now reiki Master and have the intitiations and symbols to work with reiki. Also here you will get even more power on your healing energy.

Teacher training: Here you get the initiation into facilitating reiki and pass it on to other.

I recommend that in between each module you practise and let it integrate. Everytime you get an upgrade it takes time to integrate in your system. Some integrations are clear and direct, some are very subtle. And you can also expect that your own energy vibration will change the more you use reiki.