Q&A´s about AscensionTouch Healing sessions

Can I drive during the session?

– No, It is not recommended to do any physical activity during the session. The energy works in subtle and sometimes very direct ways, you don´t know how it will affect you. And to get the most out of it, it is important you honor you decision of healing yourself by giving it your presence and take the time to receive the energy.

Can I be outside during the session?
– Yes, if you find a place where you feel good, undisturbed and can relax – you can be inside or outside.

Do I have to be in a quiet place during the session?
– Yes, to get the most out of your sessions, it is important that you commit and take the time to honor you healing , that includes a quiet, undisturbed place, where you can be fully present to yourself and your healing.

Can I listen to music, during the session?
– Yes, if it is soft, relaxing music like new Age, reiki music or other kinds of meditative music, that is created to support healing and heart vibration. All music has a vibration and you don´t want to listen to anything that pulls you away from the healing energy vibration.

Can I eat and drink during a session?
– I will suggest you always to have some water or your favorite cup of tea next to you in case you feel thirst during the session. I recommend that you are not eating, wait until after the session, so your focus is not on eating and drinking, but on the healing.

What if I fall asleep during the session?
– That is totally fine. When you sleep you are very open and receptive, you armor of the mind and ego is not there, which means that the energy sometimes can flow even more easily. If you fall asleep it is because you need it and you will receive the excact amount of healing energy that you need still.

Will I feel anything during? Pain? Crying? Joy?
– Yes, it is possible you will feel emotions or physical sensation during the session. Some people experience dream state like memories, some people feel pressure in different places in the body, some people get in touch with their sadness and cry, some people feel realxation and love. It all depends on what you need to look at and are ready to heal at the moment of the session. That also means that 2 sessions are never alike. It can be very different experiences on the inner plane.

How long will it take?
The time we agree on is the time that I actively send healing. Sometimes I will tell you to carve out some time after the session too, to integrate.
I work both before and after the actual session. I prepare myself and the energy field, and I close it down again after, plus I write and/or record the information that came to you during the session.

What happens after the session?
– There is not one answer to that. It depends on your personal journey and what you decide to focus on. But I can say that during the session you get and energy boost and that will work on you in subtle or direct ways in the period after. Sometimes you feel the connetion to the session very clearly, sometimes you discover after a while, that something has changed and you might not even connect it directly to the sessions. Energy works where it is needed and where you can receive it. You never get more than you can handle at this moment. And sometimes what is needed is something else, than what you think is needed. E.g. the backpain you came for might not disappear in the first session, but you will discover that your mood changed and you have more energy to do the exercises that are good for your back. Or you come because of stress and heavy thoughts and you will be shown a childhood memory or past life memory, that has held you back and we have to clear that and release it first.

You will often get concrete exercises or focus points to support changes after the session.

Can I get too much healing?
Well, yes and no. Meaning that the energy flows where it is needed and in the amount it is needed. So we will listen into that. It is not always an advantage to get a lot of healing in a row, sometimes there is need for integration. Sometimes is is good to get a boost of sessions close to eachother.

I often recommend my 4 session booster – 4 days in a row or every second day to begin with and get the immediate barriers down and then a follow up after an integration of 28 days.

This can be useful if you have not worked with healing before or if you want an intense and very direct help in the beginning to work on a certain issue.

How long will it affect me?
That is individual. In a way it will effect you forever. When we work with energy, we also work with your body memory. When you get healing the body will begin to remember it´s blueprint. During upbringing we learn so many things that is not aligned with our blueprint and soul code and that hinders us in following our own guidance and our own soul journey. When we work with Heart opening and Ascensiontouch the remembrance awakens again. In your blueprint or soul code lies also your ability to heal yourself. The more we remove the layers of conditioning, the more you will remember true self. Every session will awaken more remembrance of your true being and move more layers of conditioning. So even with just one session a seed is sown in your remembrance.

Why should I take more sessions?
Because if you really want to make a change, which I think you do, since you are considering AscensionTouch Journey, you need to do something different than you normally do and you need to do it over time. You need to make a new highway in your neural pathways in the brain and that take time. It is said it takes 3-5 weeks to incorporate a new habit, if you focus on it. 

Another reason is that you want to get to the root of things and not just a superficial relief. When we work with healing ourselves from conditioning it is like peeling an onion, first we take one layer, then the next, then the next until we get to the center. And then we have to integrate new supportive beliefsystems. Plus whne your body receives these high vibrating energy codes through the AT, it needs time to adjust, to let go of emotional and physical toxins and integrate the light that we activate.