Primordial Language

Primordial Language is a language without known words, but it still has a rhythm and a flow. It comes from the deepest core and it re-connects you to your roots within. It is full of stories and it expresses more than words, it is a languages of senses.

Lalitah discovered primordial language almost 8 years ago, she kept it secret for 7 years, thought it was only for herself. Now she started sharing it with others and people are deeply touched and feel it resonates deeply within.
It turns out to have a strongly healing effect and through DNA activation helps the you clear your lineage and find back to your origin, just by listening to it.

“One day in 2011 this language came to me. It suddenly showed up, and it told me so much, connected me deep into the primordial power/source and I felt it expressed what I experience. When I express in this language my mind becomes clearer. It is a multidimensional language, just as the colors – and that is what I miss with the spoken language, the multidimensionality. And it heals – it goes deep inside and resets.
It has taught me that the more I connect into my primordial power/source the more I can rise and shine out into the world. It gives me my roots and power.”

The Primordial Language came along with visions from past lives. Visions from being a Moon priestess doing rituals aligned with the elements and spirit and visions from a life lived as a part of a pack of wolves. Along with it came also a tantric Shiva Shakti initiation marrying the masculine and the feminine.

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Primordial Language – Healing the uterus

Primordial Language – Mothering yourself