Galactic Shaman
walking the path of the Moon Goddess
to become whole
to become free
to bring heaven on earth
manifest visions
with heart, pleasure and wisdom 

Galactic Shaman wisdom journey is a personal in depth program – is a 3 month journey where you step into the womb of magic to birth the new you, the new vision, the new world. 

You will discover your own unique power and expression on your path to become a Leader of the New. In this personal journey you will create your own toolbox. Get sharper on your special spiritual skills and how your intuition speaks to you. You will create a strong relation to you higher self and spirit guides and learn to trust your visions and inner truth. 

The journey is for healers, therapists, shamans, lovers, artists, leaders of tomorrow who are ready to step into their full being and creation – who are ready to trust their power and create their own recipe for being in life, love and business.
You are already awakened and on your ascension journey and know that there is no way back. You sometimes need support to integrate your initiations, clear blockages in a supportive container to move on to the next step or birth a new project. You enjoy getting tools for self empowerment and a loving sisterhood to cheer on you on your way.

This is a path still only taken by the few. That in itself can create resistance when we live in a society that is working on other premises, when we are alone it is easy to fall into disbelief. To have support from others who walked the path themselves is essential to stay up and go through the doubts and fears and to get heartful support.

I will guide you through an in depth transformational journey for you who are destined to strip yourself of that which is not you and be free and live your full potential, who are called to be a leader of tomorrow.

With you on the journey will be me and the guidance of Ashtar, Maria Magdalena, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, black panther, wolf spirit, snail spirit, eagle and lavender spirit and you will discover or connect deeper to your spirit team.

The journey is a 3 months in depth personal program created for you to become strong in your inner support system.

Step 1)
Selflove – is an important part of this journey. To marinate ourselves in so much unconditional love an care, that we feel safe to step into our path. There are many reasons for going into control and fear regime. To keep on coming back to selflove is crucial for our growth and feminine impact in the world.

Step 2)
Strengthening your roots – wombhealing – When we want to create and manifest in this world we need to have a good and strong foundation. As women we often have energetic blockages in our womb coming from perceived traumas in this life or in past life or even in our ancestral lineage. With wombhealing and root healing we work on your natural female power and strength.

Step 3)
Inner Soulmate relation – We need both our masculine and feminine qualities to live an empowered and balance life. The masculine is the action taker and the feminine is the receiver. We will look into the balance between your inner male and female to understand how it plays out in the outer world and clear imbalances.

Step 4)
Heart Activation – With heart activation you will become strengthened in your contact with the Divine Universe, which is the most magical support you can have as a guide to create your dreams. When you have a strong contact to your soul purpose and higher self you always have a guidance on your path.

Step 5)
Galactic Shaman – Bringing your soul language to the earth. Taking Leadership. Understanding your language and connection with other realms. Your Divine Helpers, Your Galactic helpers. Developing you personal Magic to bring to this world.

The journey starts with a personal intention for the whole journey. It finishes with a spirit action plan and overview of your tools, so you know how to move on for you next step in your soul journey.

What you will get:
– 6 personal ½ hour online sessions Coaching
– 6 personal 1 hour Healing and Energy upgrades remotely
– 6 in depths reports from the remote sessions incl. rituals, prayers.
– 3 months of unlimited support and availability to message me by email
– Creative Practices in between sessions to integrate and ground insights and upgrades
– Primordial healing language recordings.
– High Vibrational Energetic spaceholding for your intention – I´ll send energy blessing your way every second week or more.

– Blockage clearing of what is in the way for you to move towards your dream
– DNA energy upgrades to activate your light-codes for your higher potential
– Clear contact with your higher self and Divine Helpers
– Empowerment of your true feminine superpowers
– Grounding of your vision
– Courage to move on to your next step
– A loving personal supportive container to birth the new true you

Your investment: 1500 euro ex vat
Payment plan is possible.

If you feel called to walk your path with my support and guidance send me an email and book a discovery call: lalitah @