International Soul Art Day – workshop

I would like to invite you to journey with me on Soul Art Day.

If you wish to

– Spark your creative side

– get in touch with you Higher self, Inner wisdom through your creativity

– get answers and support from within to your next step in life

then come and share this experience with me.

I celebrate the International Soul Art Day June 5th by having a get to together. I will guide you through the Soul Art Proces and you will gain wisdom and insight form your highest self and bring home a beautiful creation that will remind you of your next step in your journey.

I love Soul Art because it takes you out of the mind and give space for your soul to come forth. It has been and amazing help in my life to ground my visions and embody my gifts. That is why I would love to share it with you if you feel called to participate.

It will be a small intimate group of up to 5 people – we will do Heartopening ritual, Dance, Painting & collage and we will invite the nature around us into our creation as well. We will let our art creation speak to us and get insight for our next step in life.

See it as a sacred circle where you bring your current desire/intention and give it fuel to manifest in your life.

You don´t need any experience with painting, this is intuitive work and your soul will lead you.

When: Wednesday 5. of June, from 11- 14.30

Where: in Demir Tatil Köyu, Torba

– call for precise direction: 0531 702 4144

Your investment: This day is donationbased – meaning pay what you can after the proces.

Materials: You can bring your own materials, magazines, sccissors, glue, waterbased paint, brushes etc. A canvas or big piece of paper.

If you don´t have any materials and want to use mine it´s possible for a fee. But let me know in advance.

There is beach at the place, bring swimming suit if you want.

Can wait to see you in the circle

Love Lalitah