A deep creative and meditative journey into healing and balancing you inner relationship

We have a masculine side and a feminine side within. How they are related reflects in out outside world. It shows in our relations and not the least in our love- relations.

These inner energies are often formed by how we have taken in our parents when we were small, what we have experiences from society about men and women and male and female energies. All this we internalize, so we can actually experience having a relationship within ourselves.

I am sure you are familiar with conflicting voices and urges inside yourself, these can have roots in how you inner male and female are integrated.

If you for example find it difficult to take action – you might find the answer for it in your inner dynamic between the two. Or if you want to attract a love relation and can´t or keep on meeting “the wrong ones” you might also find answer in your inner dynamic between the two.
It is said that to heal any relationship, you have to heal the relationship with yourself first.

This is an opportunity to get clearer about where you have im-balancees in your inner relationship and how you can heal it, so you feel more clear and balanced in your life and relationships – and find love for your inner male and female as well for yourself and others.

It is an online journey in 6 modules

What will we do:
There will be information about inner male and female
Exercises for how to communicate with them
Exercises for how to communicate between them
Deepening into your relation with your father and mother
Healing your relation with your father and mother
Inner father and inner mother

What do you get?
6 live webinars with theory on inner male and female, meditation, creative rituals. they will be recorded and send to you after.
6 live Q&A suppoort to any question you have on your journey.
Creative exercises to create and deepen into in between the modules
A closed FB group where you post your creations and insigths and you can connect with like minded and support eachother.
You will receive a daily journal to support your process
And access to material from the 6 modules  e-books, meditations, instructions to the creative exercises

What do you get out of it?
Clarity of you own inner male and female and how it might create im-balance or unecessary struggle in your life.
A clearer picture of your relation to your parents
A clearer picture of you inner support sytem
Healing of the unsupportive patterns of inner male and female
More love to yourself and where you come from
Understanding of the dynamic between your inner male and female
Understnanding of the masculine and the feminine principle and how you can heal it and use this knowledge for support to your growth.