AscensionTouch is a deeply transforming energy medicine that can immediately change the level of your energy vibration. It is designed to support you in your ascension and manifestation of your souls desires. 
Ascension Touch is developed through years of practice and is based in Reiki, Christ Energy/Crystal Energy and Buddha Energy – and it continues to develop.
Ascension Touch raise your energy vibration – in all your cells and DNA. It will bring you in alignment with the rising energy vibration on earth – your Ascension proces.
During a session you will get a clearing and healing of your chakras. The chakras are central energy centres in our body connected to our energy body. When we are out of balance physically, emotionally or energetically it can show in our chakras. I check each chakra for how the energy is flowing and I realign it into it´s natural flow.
You will get released for old blockages and patterns that no longer supports you.It can stem from childhood, birth or past life experiences.

I also receive information from your body, energy body or from your spiritual guides – which is often about what is blocking you from getting where you want to. The blockages can show as a body pain, mental or emotional issues for you. The way I experience them in the sessions can be as colors, past life or childhood experiences, sensations, images, words.
The channeled information is a personal messages for you of how to make changes to heal and move from your soul´s desires. 
You will also get a check up on your inner male and female, how the balance is between them and if there is healing needed you will receive healing to that as well.
During the session you will automatically receive energy that support heart openings which is an important tool in your ascension process. When your heart is open you can receive initiations that will bring you in steady contact with your higher self and intuition. It will also make it easier for you to manifest your desires and bring new life to relationships. 

Ascension Touch is the perfect support for you who are on the spiritual path, you who work with people and have to keep your own energy in balance and high vibrating, you who wants to go deep and know your full spiritual potential.

What you get:
– support to your spiritual growth
– help to integrate the new
– clearance of old blockages and patterns that no longer supports you
– Strength and clarity to be your own guide
– Alignment of you energy body to it´s natural state
– Healing of old emotional wounds
– Healing the roots of the symptoms that shows in you life
– inner peace
– heartopening
– you come home to yourself