Do you want to:
Learn to validate and use your high sensitivity and empath skills?
Learn to give heartopenings and rise energy vibration?
Support yourself and others in deep transformation?

AscensionTouch is a fun and deep transformational healing form. It is a mix of the different disciplines I have learned over the years, which has formed itself into this healing modality, that I call Ascensiontocuh. It takes ground in the spiritual healing training that I received myself.
AscensionTouch is an initiation into rising the energyvibration of yourself and others – when we do that we re-adjust our system to release old blockages and vibrate on our natural soul level.
In AscensionTouch we work on connecting to the soul level and the Divine helpers of a person, we read the chakras and becomes familiar with our own spiritual language. We practise soul reading, telepathy, intuition and how to make ourselves the vessel for the Divine energy to come through, and how to distinguish the intuition from the mind. How to becomes familiar with your soul language. You will learn to do readings and rise the vibration of yourself and initiate others. You will learn about the other realms and to invigorate help from our spirit helpers.

This is a perfect supplement to people who are already reiki initiated – and or have some experiences with clairvoyance, telepathy, healing, meditation. 

There will be some theory and a lot of practise. Because it is through practise we will learn our own soul language. The training will be lead through intuitive guidance and with the help of the spirit helpers of each participant.

You will learn to read and understand different symbolic language. Decode your own symbolic language. You will be introduced to:

Inner Male/inner female

Ascended Masters and Angels

Clairvoyance and channeling


Ethics in healing

Chakra healing

How to connect to soul level

Protection before, during and under a session


You will receive spiritual initiations and learn to give them too

Sensing the invisible and feel the vibrations

When you become an AscensionTocuh healer, you are able to help yourself and others to reach their highest potential and help them see things they don´t normally see.

“One of the things I love about AscenionTouch – Heartopening highfrequency transformational healing is that the intitiations you get from the sessions and especially the training opens your heart to your own inner wisdom. It initiates your heartenergy, so you get connected to the beauty in yourselves and others. It relaxes the fight and flight system and give the body relaxation from stress and dis-ease.” Lalitah

When you are in the high vibrating energy you can heal yourself, your food and others. You get connected to the Oneness of the world. What more is,  you get amazing tools to connect to your divine helpers and that which is bigger than you – from there you can find the safety and answers to move on.

Heal you inner self – and rise in love.

When you heal your inner self, you can create the life you want from a place of love.

Does this sound like something for you?
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