Higher Self Activation: 

Have you for too long have felt “wrong” in this world? 
You long to really use your abilities and share with people heart to heart, but are confused about how to do it and still hide yourself from being fully seen?

Do you recognize getting clear visions and long for a life where you embody your special gifts and make a living from it, but after a while you might start doubting if it is right, and you start seeking answers outside yourself and think maybe you have to take another course or maybe you are not good enough yet to step out?

Or you begin to think that maybe after all you are not meant to do this, and it is just a “crazy” idea. You might even begin to experience headaches, money lack or other things, that you have to take care of before you can get to your beautiful vision.

Behind all that you see yourself  being in your heart based power and connect with others who understand. Share your gifts and being open about who you are without feeling wrong or being afraid of meeting critics.
And you wish you could just trust your inner voice and know exactly what your next step is and dare doing it.
You even feel the taste of freedom there is in stepping out and being fully and un-apologetically you in all aspects of life and know that is your true nature.

With a Higher Self Activation you will get some powerful tools to connect to yourself and trust your inner voice, so you can take the action steps that are just the right ones for you in creating the life your soul is longing for.

You will get a clearing of the blockages that withhold you and a re-balancing of your vibration so it is aligned with your soul. Plus you will get a clearance of and strengthening into your origin, your roots.

A Higher Self Activation empowers you to:

– Trust your inner voice completely
– Feel free and abundant
– Become radiantly attracting opportunities and relations consciously
– Take the required action steps towards your desire
– Have the courage to show up to who you are
– Make a life that supports your dreams

Portal 1: Listening to your soul´s desire:

Intention setting
You will receive a questionnaire that will support you in setting an intention for your “Higher Self Activation” journey. That will help you commit and set a clear signal to yourself and the universe what to focus on during this journey.

Portal 2: Becoming radiant:

Clearing blockages and upgrading to your soul vibration
An AscensionTouch energy healing session that aligns your vibration, remove blockages and reconnect you to your origin, so you deep down know and don´t forget who your are and what you purpose is. You will get answers to what has held you back and how to take the next steps.
This session takes place remotely, so you can be in the comfort of your own home. We will have to agree on an hour for the session. From the session you will get a report with messages form your higher Self and Divine helpers. You will also receive a recording in Primordial Language to support your energy activation. 

Portal 3: Rooting into next level:

21 days of integrating after the session.

From the AscensionTouch energy healing session you got a personal recording in Primordial language of your energy activation for your origin and soul connection. You also got some answers and new routines or exercises to do written in the report. During the next 21 days you will listen to your energy activation and to make the exercises, make diary.

Portal 4: Stepping into your Soul Path:

A 30 minute session (online). You have already started feeling the changes from your Activation. We will follow up on the changes. You will integrate the new and find your soul aspired spirit action for your next level.

Join me in this Magical journey that will propel you into your next level on your Soul Path.

Your investment: 297 Euro. 

You sign up and secure your spot here:

1. Fill in your name and email and click on “YES to myself”
2. Soon after you will receive a mail and confirmation that you signed up for your Ascension Activation journey. (remember to check you spam filter)
3. You pay the 297 euro, specified in the confirmation email.
4. When you have
signed up and paid, I will contact you for time booking.
5. Congratulations you have said yes to yourself and your Ascension Activation will begin with an email to clarify your soul´s desire.

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