On my path time and time again I realize that selflove is our foundation for living and creating the life we want.

Now we are on the edge of a shift and we are invited to create a new way of living. We are invited to raise our frequency and live aligned with our soul and in harmony with other souls.

Astrologers prepare us for a big shift 21.12.20.

This shift is already happening. There is a tremendously strong influx of high vibrating lightcodes send to the earth – covering our sphere in light plasma to raise our frequency.


This can have a strong effect on our bodies, minds and spirit and we see that collectively as well as individually. When we rise, we also feel that which we are rising out of – the old conditionings, emotions etc – it is a part of the shift.


It can be stressfull, create fear, give brainfog amongst other things – and on top of that some of us are isolated and fear for disease or family and friends who are ill.


The strongest power to stay connected to yourself and your higher guidance is SELF LOVE.

When you love yourself you can stay firmly in your truth and on your ground, you stop seeking for the truth outside of yourself. You know you have the truth and nobody can do you wrong. You are able to rise out of fear and stress, because you allow yourself to love yourself just as you are in this moment all the time.


This week I invite you to join me in bathing ourselves and eachother in selflove, love and allowance this week – and step into the portal of the New earth with a strong foundation or just join for fun and joy and because love is GREAT!!

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