Feeling like crap is not unusual these days, it is not unusual on your awakening journey either. It is most needed, because to awaken and ascend, you will have to shed everything that does not serve your soul purpose. And honestly….that can be a lot. Everything that you have taken on you from your caretakers, role-models, society, ancestors on how to be and behave. Everything that you identify with, that does not align with your soul. Energetic imprints, mindset, unresolved traumas you name it. When we feel like S… in our ascension it is because we let go of this, it revisit us before it leaves us. We have to face and see it, then it can let go of the hold it has on us. The energetic release of it can make us feel sick, and have all kinds of emotions. So if you are feeling “unexplainably” crappy, sick, tired, angry, dizzy, headaches, grief…….then that´s it! You are shedding your unnecessary burden to be able to live your life purpose and truth. Congratulations. Say YES to it – it makes it all more easy.