Are you in contact with your inner truth barometer?

I mean you heart center, your soul connection – not your mind?

And why do I ask that?

Because in these times we see a lot of opinions and expressions of what people and politicians think is the truth or want us to think is the truth. They come from everywhere, from doctors, politicians, medias, spiritual people, people with no label, so many expressions, but what I see is a lot of division. Either this is the truth or that…..maybe it is not black an white?

What do you honestly think and feel in all that?
Are you following what you were brought up to think is true?
Are you following what is political correct to think is the truth?
Are you following your own inner wisdom in what is true?
Do you know how to hear you own inner wisdom?

To my experience the only way to know the actaul truth is in our hearts, is when we connect to our higher guidance. The heart operates from Oneness – and there is not objective truth or meassurable truth, it is a truth based in you body, in your knowing, in your connection with universe and mother earth. That which is bigger than you.
The mind operates in duality. Pros and cons. Argumentation. So called proof ( I say co-called because they are rarely objective anyway), logic. The mind is super good at strategy, rationalising, effectivity and figuring things out, but it is not very good at truth. Just the fact that it operates in duality shows that there is not ONE truth.

To activate your Truth Barometer: try to look underneath the surface of everything that is played out these days, feel into the body, breathe, find stillness and listen,….then there is a chance of hearing the truth.