Beautiful beings.
I hope you are all good in these full moon, samhain times.

Personally for me a lot of anger has shown, sacred rage. It is very much connected to feeling limited and about boundaries for me. I am diving deep into the dark areas to clear out in depth what is not serving anymore. Yesterday in a ritual I was given a new heart and after that ready to jump into the river of my essence and full potential. Today the anger transformed and more compassion is present.

Anger is stuck energy. Many of us are afraid of it or don´t like the feeling of anger and fire, we are brought up to be nice. But it is important not to bypass the anger, but instead asking into it,
1) what it wants to show?

2) what has been overheard, suppressed?
3) who inside is angry – and what does she/he need?
We have to meet our anger and shadows to allow our full being.
No healer, wayshower or starseed can walk the earth without navigating the darkness too. Especially not in these times. This is time to clear a lot of limiting beliefs, conditioning and shadows in ourselves and the collective.
Us who feel it deeply have a certain role to transmute and transform the energies. This is our task.

For that it is so important to allow ourselves to really be who we are, be in our rhythm, rest, enjoy, selflove and trust our ways – not be swept up by the energies around us. We are here to show the new ways. We have to stay strong in that. Trust ourselves.

If we all the times sway and role over and let the old paradigm, old ways, “the norm” be in charge and making us doubt ourselves, we are not being what we are supposed to – stay in the heart, raise the vibration, create new ways from love……

Are you also diving into shadows?
What has stirred up for you these days?

Write your answer in the comments below.