What is the truth?
And can there ever be one objective truth?
In my universe, there can not.
Truth is what we know deepest down inside
Often it is a voice that doesn´t even articulate itself in words
It can come in different ways and speak subtle or loud to us
it is independent of our conditioning
it comes from our source
and we know it
we just know
Some people have lost their connection to their truth
Some people hear it but are afraid to respond to it
Some people hear and follow it
There is no One truth for all of us
We all came here with different colors, qualities, things to learn, missions
therefor truth speaks different to us
but one thing I am sure of
is that truth speaks through the vibration of love or above
Truth speaks from Oneness space
Truth is for the highest good of all
Truth is not dividing
truth is not fear
truth is not fighting to be better than others
Truth is one with love, unconditional love, compassionate love
Truth allows
Truth is the way to peace
My truth might be different than yours
But I have space for your truth because it´s true
In these times it is more needed than ever to connect to your truth. It supports you in navigating these times and in creating the new. To know what you are here for. To stay above confusion and fear.

How does truth speak to or through you?