Today I did a spontaneous little New Moon Ritual at the seaside when I was out walking. 
When I was standing there at my favorite spot at the seaside, breathing in the air after rain – it came to me to give ask the sea to wash away my heavyness and sadness – my thoughts of not enoughness and the questions of who am I in this world. 
A little stone looked up at me and caught my attention. I took it in my hands, told my worries to the stone, told the it that I now surrender to the Universe and let it work through me, I surrender, surrender, surrender. I trust that the universe knows better than my mind with thoughts that are trying to makes sense of things. I kissed the stone and with my worries and my intention of surrender myself to life, to Universe, I threw the stone into the sea. 
I still feel it in my heart, how the place and the stone embraced me and I feel forever connected to this spot. To the sea and the stone there. 

It all came out of spontaneous inspiration – I love those kinds of rituals – it does not have to be anything big or complicated to do a ritual. As everything else it just is.