Last day in Warsaw.
Our new friend invited us to be in her apartment until we had to go to the airport and catch our evening fligth. We couldn´t stay in the Aribnb longer than until noon.
Utsav went to his conference. Basia came and picked me and luggage up at the airbnb and drove me to her place – gave me the key and left for taking care of her mom after she showed me around and also showed me her cupboard of Osho books – Only Osho books (sorry for the bad photo quality)
This day we had to taste the local food – so we tried the Polish Pirogi – they remind a bit of dumblings that we know from Vietnamese and Tibetan food. Here the dove is thicker, so the 6 pieces landed quite good in the stomach 🙂
After we went to the riverside next to the Old Town. There was a Marathon going on – according to Basia, that happens often in Warsaw.
Next to the river is a new area with cafe´s, museums and art. I liked it – It gave a bit of the vibe from London.
Unfortunately we didn´t have much time – so we walked, took a coffee and tried to find the bus back to Basia´s place.
She came right after we came back and told us that she would drive us all the way to the airport. Great that gave us also more time to connect. We felt blessed to meet such a wonderful soul in a new town.
Warsaw was definetely a postive surprise for both of us, and it is not impossible we will come back.