28.9.19. Warsaw
What is being released in the common field
Have been going a bit more inward again. The big city (Warsaw) is somehow well known and somehow alienating. I don´t feel for going out a lot, more like going in – coming back to my business and connecting to my purpose. Integrating the last weeks of travel. I have been touching anger about not being where I want in my business. Anger that I can not trust that I can fully live of following my soul path. That there is still something stopping me when I want to get out there.

Today and yesterday I did some clearing rituals. What I see the anger boils down to is grief – I am grieving that I don´t feel supported by the masculine. There is still fear of men (not women) going against me. Not wanting the best for me. It has been there my whole life and I know it comes from the common field too. I am sure most women knows this to some degree.
I also know that it is not only about men – but the society as such, because it is still based on those values even though change is coming – there is grief about the feeling of having to play their game to be safe. That game will slowly suffocate me. I can´t do that anymore. But still I feel the fear of stepping out through the door for real. Carving a new path with soul aligned business and heart connected flow follwing my truth.
I know this is not just my own clearing – this is a clearing in the common field and why I feel it again is because it is getting cleared, releasing from my system, and since I am in the Oneness field it is releasing in the common field as well. We are many doing this work these days – it can feel tough sometimes to have it going through you. To feel it as if it is the reality. It is not – we are more than that.

This night we did Meditation with Basia again. It feels good to have these meetings with people no matter where we are. We did a sharing after about our current state of the day. We had all been a bit challenged or had insights during this day.
After we went to the food market nearby – and had Indian food to seal our meeting.