26.9.19. Warsaw
Thoughts on Activism
These days I see a lot about climate activist Greta Thunberg on Facebook – I am very moved by her standing up for a whole generation. I think we are many who would like to have the same courage that she has.
There is a climate march tomorrow where I am, I will go there.
But all this also makes me sad. We talked last night about the consumer world and how it seems to be the highest striving of people in many places to consume – and to conform to the uniform of the mainstream fashion dictated look. I experience it especially in the bigger cities and I am part of that too. We no longer see the subcultures in the street so much, we no longer have different expressions in our look. You can no longer see if it is a climate activist or a business person in the outer look – it is like the difference in the outer are much more subtle. I choose to take it as a good thing, that we are changing on the inside, and have lesser need to express it on the outside. Another thing is we group on social media, find eachother there, not in the streets anymore. The positive side of that is that we can connect to people all over the world and share our ideas and thoughts in a global community.

Now I just saw a video about Tuvalu in French Polynesia, where they have always been self supplied, self sustainable. Now the heating and rising of the Oceans threatens their natural ways of living. They can no longer grow food, and many fish are disappearing from their waters. They have to rely on consumerism too – which creates a huge problem with garbage among other things.
How sad is that?! I could just see how the downwards spiral has begun.
And how sad is it that a huge part, if not most of the world is part of this. We are brought up to this.
My heart hurts and there is anger towards the system and the ones behind it. The food industry, medical industry, banking industry. I feel the anger towards how humanity is being controlled by this and how most don´t even realize it and even if we do, then how to live with it and ourselves?
I am also confronted these days with the lies of society, lies of history – how indoctrinated we have been. There is an official version of history and who does it benefit?

Meditation as change
I´d better stop before I get myself all wired up – in anger….and not only that helplessness – that feeling of not being able to direct another way. It is actually hard work to go different than the mainstream, different than the current of the common field. It is very hard work, and I honor everyone who does it – in one way or the other. Including me. I don´t claim to be able to do everything correct or climate right etc. But as of now I do the best I can. I meditate, I follow my soul´s voice, my heart and inner truth. I believe that the real change comes from inside of us, from connecting to our hearts and learn that language, then we will harm nobody or nothing, we will not have the need to. I´m also an activist – a more silent one, and I work from the ways of the heart. But sometimes I feel like yelling and screaming out loud “Wake the Fuck up!!! NOW”
Tonight we will meet with our new friend Basia – from the flight and meditate. I will dedicate my meditation to Mother Earth and all living beings on it – again.