Activism in real life
We went to the Climate march that had it´s starting point right around the corner from where we are staying. We felt called to go. This was not a coinscidence.
Even though we don´t understand Polish – I understood they said Greta a few times and some other words I could relate to. It was all very peaceful and it included all ages. The majority was young but there were children, parents and grandparents too.
I have a believe that changing the world is not coming from the outside – through politics etc…..just look at history. I believe that the real change comes from the inside. From opening our hearts and start empathizing and start connecting to our truth. When we connect to our truth we know what action to take. It is inspired and it is the right thing. When we are connected to our truth from our hearts we don´t harm each other on purpose – because we also tap into the oneness field. This is what I belive, and this is why I have chosen this way of living and why I am doing healing work and heartopenings supporting people in realizing their truth. I truly believe this is the way. Some will say it might take too long, but I don´t believe any other way is faster. When we change things from the outside – from a place of knowing and mind, politics, we put an idea unto others from the outside, it doest feel inclusive and that will always create a counterpressure from somewhere. When we cahnge form the inside, we realize the need of change and we create it from that realisation.
Normally I don´t believe that marches and these things makes a huge difference, the politicians normally don´t listen – and often they are against something – which in itself creates a counterpressure.
Having said that this march gave me some insights – First of all I could feel so much sadness being in the group of people. Sadness about the whole situation. I also felt a huge heartopening in the field of the group marching. People being together expressing themselves and showing what is our concern. Being visible and uniting.
At one point I caught eye contact with an elder lady watching us from the pavement – and when our eyes met she smiled so deep and so big to me and kept on holding the eye contact we me – she was with us and I could feel her support sp deep in my heart. That was a deeply touching moment. And several times I was almost crying because I felt touched by the energy between us and around us. This definetely had a purpose and an effect. I don´t know how, but hearts were touched and new paths were opened in the common field – new remembrance of love, peace and harmony 🙂 <3