The airport 
Back in Palermo airport. We were getting to know it pretty well after we had lost our luggage upon arrival and had to go back to pick it up 2 days later, because it would take them 3 more days to deliver the luggage to us. Plus when we were picking up car when we came from Ustica we ended up waiting for 2 hours in the airport, before we decided to cancel the car rental at that company and rent with another more expensive one.

But this time things went pretty smooth.
We were going to Warsaw over Athens. Crossing fingers that Athens was more reliable with our luggage than Rome – we learned from Atit that Rome was known for loosing luggage, so if you ever have a changing flight there and have time to pick up luggage in between that might be what you want to do.

Osho is with us
In our second flight from Athens to Warsaw we sat next to Basia – immediately she felt vibrating on same energy frequency as us, very familiar. Utsav and her felt into a conversation. She is from Warsaw. She does yoga and meditates by herself. Suddenly she asked us if we knew Osho – and then the conversation took flight. We shared our experiences with meditation, therapy, facilitators and Osho centers. She had read almost all of Osho´s books and resonnated with his words and the energy she felt from it and had done dancing meditation inspired by Osho for herself at home. She had not really tried Osho´s meditations or been to any groups. She had once found a center in Warsaw, but didn´t like how they interpretated or presented the Osho way. Before we seperated we agreed to meet for meditation either at her place or ours. A meeting that suddenly gave more purpose to this trip to Warsaw and made my heart jump with joy. I couldn´t have planned that better myself.

First meeting with Warsaw
We quickly found a bus to the center, where we are staying. The apartment we rented through airbnb is super. I though somehow that I booked a place in the old town, but no I had ended up booking this place in the center.
Which turned out to be really great and also a good location.
Even though close to a big road inside the apartment is so silent.
We went out shopping for breakfast and to find a restaurant to eat. Wow – you can find all cultures of restaurants around the corner from where we are. It reminds me a bit of East Berlin where you sometimes have to get close to see that there actually is a restaurant or shop. Here is not big flashy neon signs. It is all toned down, also their voices. We discovered that even outside the bar, sitting drinking alcohol people talk quietly and in the same tone of voice. What a contrast to Turkey, where we normally stay.
This evening we went for Indian, it is always a celebration for us to eat Indian together since we met in India. We learned that the Polish people like sweet, so unfortunately to our taste the food was sweetened too much wiht a lot with sugar. Note to self: Remember to ask for coffee and food without sugar.
Our supermarket experience was over the top. There is so much green and glutenfree, organic etc. to find and it is really really cheap compared to what we are used to. It is easy to for us freaks to indulge here 🙂