22.9.19. Sicily, Pedara and Syracuse

Maria and the three Roses

Ahhh, it feels so good to feel the spirit of travelling again. Ever since I travelled my first interrail in 1988 in Turkey and my first long trip to Latin America the year after, I have been in love with the feeling of freedom I have when I travel, how you meet people you never would have met in your settled life.
We woke up at Maria´s B&B: the Tree Rosas the Maria.

The tree roses shows to be Maria´s daughters. They are not here, the daughters, they are studying in Milano and Rome. Her husband and her are divorcing, so he is not in the house either. But Maria is here.
And she hosts us beyond expectations – She converted her family house to this B&B in 2016. Maria origins from Rwanda, she it proud of that and she loves Africa. She goes there every year and kiss the ground when she sets her feet on the African soil again. Her family is still honored by 5 beautifully painted chairs from Rwanda, which are placed around the fireplace. Even the husband she is divorcing, is still present, with his chair. We just booked an overnight stay with breakfast, but Maria opened her kitchen for us in the evening when she couldn´t get through to the local pizzeria by phone, because of bad phoneconnection. She served us with what she had, that could fit to our needs of wanting something green and not heavy. After that we took a game of pool at her pool table which is central in her living-/common room. Since I lost to Utsav Maria wanted to beat him to stand up for the women, so she took a game with him too – He won by 1 ball. Meanwhile we got more of Maria´s story.
This morning Maria challenged Utsav once again in pool – with the same result as the night before. We promised, that if we come back to this area, we will come for another round of pool.

Unconditional love at Etna

On Maria´s wall was hanging a saying: “When God says yes, who can say no!” At Etna God said YES to me – through the earth and the stunning landscape. I felt the energy of being welcomed, being loved. Everything just is and there is no greater power than that. And we need no more. It is just pure unconditional love to everything and every being.
Azima had said about the experience of being with Osho when he was alive that “It was love. He was in love with all of us and we were all in love with him”
I felt that Etna was in love with all of us, every little being that was walking on her, visiting her, she didn´t care about our form. She loved us – and I felt totally in love with her unconditionally.
We stayed for a while, got sucked into her amazing energy – meditated a bit there. All the time my third eye was activated, like it often is at high energy places – headache started sneaking in on me and I could feel it in the stomach too. Initiation – again. I welcomed it and didn´t want to leave.

Battle of mind and heart:
On the way down I went to the toilet, which was in the back of a little place where you could get souvenirs, snacks, coffee, spaghetti you name it. There were some earrings calling me, with a piece of lava from Etna in them– it was not the most beautiful ones, they were even uneven, but they kept on pulling me in, even though I tried to find some better looking ones – so I had to go back and buy them. After a while I had to take them off, because the energy from them was so strong and I was already activated. But now I have a piece of Etnas energy with me to remind me of this feeling and special moment again.
After visiting Etna herself, we drove through the beatiful Nature park – no doubt we want to go back and spend much more time there. We came through a beautiful town with vinyards, lovely house spread around and trees everywhere. This area was so lush. I felt happy and was still on the rush from Etna and my new earrings.

Light Syracuse
Late afternoon we arrived to Syracuse, we knew we wanted to go because 2 mornings in a row I had woken up with the name in my head. So there must be something about this place and Atit had also said she really liked it.
And there was something about the place. We immediately loved it both of us. Especially the Island where the old town is – Though it is very renovated and touristic it has a lot of charm and the light from the sea surrounding it – it is as if the whole area is lightened up. We found friendly people and beautiful buildings.
Suddenly we saw a homemade colorful sign saying Vegan, vegetarian restaurant, it pointed down one of the very narrow side roads. We went for it – and what a gem!

The food was fresh homemade and with local organic veggies – it was so tasty and delicious – never tasted anything like it. A sweet couple had the place, which was creatively decorated with things for the eyes of children and inner children. A little place of heart and magic. The woman went out of her way to communicate through google translation app and we had fun with that and she kept on bringing samples of different dishes for us to taste of food we didn´t order. It completed our experience of Syracuse being a place for us. We met another beautiful soul there, I´ll tell about him tomorrow 🙂