23.9.19. Roadtrip Sicily

Nomad living
Morning swim in Avola – a place recommended by a guy we bought incense from on the street in Syracuse. He told us about the history of Syracuse, how he got there and loved the place but now feels it pulls him like a magnet, it is difficult to get away from there again. We could say we experience that with Bodrum too. It sucks you in when you are there, and when you get out of there the feeling disappears. He also told us that underneath the whole newly renovated city is a whole net of roads and what he experience as fear energy, people have escaped through those underground networks. 
He go to Mexico every winter, to buy incense and silver and stones for his jewellery. He made lovely jewellery and is happy he can bring his work with him around the world, so he can live a more free life. He has a caravan in Syracuse and wish to get one in Mexico too. We talked about how the internet age also has given an opportunity to travel and make a living at the same time. We see that as a possibility for us so we can travel again…more. We both have a nomad inside of us and it seems to be time to honor that now.

A trip to hell
We went back to Syracuse today, though the mind told us to continue, see something new and that if we wanted to go by the seaside we should get started early. But no, our hearts wanted to go to Syracuse. So we did. And once again we felt this light welcoming energy.
When we left we again had a heart mind battle – should we try a new road and hope to see a bit of the sea side before it got dark or should we go the known beautiful road through the mountains?? This time we flipped a coin – it chose the new road, crossing inland – not to waste too much time – to get to the seaside road at Gela.
I have a few times watched these programmes on tv where psychic people helps the police solve murder mysteries, I was always happy my psychic abilities went in another direction – I  never wanted to be one of those who see murders and these things. I always found that it must be horrible to be feeling what they feel. But now, totally in-voluntarily I felt it – the taste of murder and death around me. It came quite soon after leaving the highway, before an area called Galermo. I had no doubt, this was an area where there has been murders, I felt the dead bodies around me, in the fields. The energy hit me right in my solar plexus. All the fear I didn´t want to feel and all the visions I didn´t want to see started sneaking in on me, into my system, it took over my whole body which tensed up and became super alert. It got worse and worse and when we reached Palargonia and drove through I was almost at the state of puking. I just wanted to get the F… out of there as quick as possible. There is no romance about murder, I can tell you. It is a raw and unmerciful energy that drives this kind of murder. Nothing romantic about it or entertaining like on the Godfather movies. This was how it must feel in hell. Creepy, cold, cynical and without any kind of mercy. It went into all my cells – wit a feeling of not being able to escape or get away. A sense of someone else having the power over you chasing you and you suddenly run into a dead body in the field and you know it is your turn and there is no escape. Wow this was strong. Something must have happened here. 
I felt so unprotected and the feeling stayed with me for most of the drive back to Palermo before it was released from my system again. The landscapes were amazingly beautiful but this energy made it impossible to really enjoy.
Later Atit confirmed my experiences:  
“Lalitah you are great. Galermo is one of the biggest center of illegal drugs and arms….compliment….you are really a medium.”
I am not sure why I get to get those kind of experiences, and what to use them for. I see that the more I clear my blockages and get to know my sensitivity the more transparent I am for feeling the collective field as well . 

Photos are from Syracuse – We have none from the beautiful road through hell.