I have started a practice of gratitude – each evening my partner and I share at least 3 things we are grateful for. I do it when I am alone too. I say it out loud with words, inside my head or I write it down. I felt the need to change my mindset. Every time my focus is on people and the 3D world outside of myself for a longer period and I forget to nourish my inner world I get into a mood of scarcity and the magic disappears. With this practice I wish to put focus on the magic, all that I am grateful for. AND…..I already see it spreading to other parts of my life. Today when I came home from the beach a neighbor (that I barely know) had left a note that they are having a birthday party one of the next days and with it, there was a small bag with my favorite chocolate in it!!! How lucky is that – how could they know that this was the best way to “bribe me”?!      


Out of it all came this little gratefulness Primordial Language sound healing – enjoy: 

Love Lalitah