Today I got this question about energy influxes.
I have experienced quite a few of them, in the beginning I didn´t know it was that. But now I know what it is, they have a certain pattern for me. And often starts with headache or migraine – and sometimes it evolves physically, sometimes not. I always feel that I am put into another reality while it takes place and after I feel light and a little high – like something heavy left my system.

Lalitah, i wonder how you explain to people what an energy influx is? Because i am also very affected by them but haven’t really believed or and haven’t been able to own it. But I notice afterwards that I have been deep into heavy emotions during energy influxes… I still don’t get really what they are… So please tell me

My answer:
I experience there are (at least) 2 different kind of initiations – the one´s that we take on ourselves, when we go through another layer shift, crisis, insight – or make a decision about changing something in our lives and it moves us to release old patterns.

The other is affected by the bigger. It is as if there are portals in the universe where some higher vibrating energy comes to our spheres. That is how it is explained by some spiritual teachers, and even though I have difficulties in really grasping it, I feel it is right. Our earth is rising into the Golden Age/Age of aquarius and out of the darkness – it means that the light increases on earth (we see it by seeing all the corruption and shadow sides becoming visible). On a practical and measurable level the earth vibration is faster now, it is proven by scientists. The faster we vibrate the more light is created. It is the same with our cells or molecules in our body. When the energy influx comes – it is certain portals which again increases the vibration of the earth and us beings on the earth.
We feel it, because it goes through us and we let it. And we feel the things that were in the dark are leaving us.
The faster vibrating our cells or molecules are the more detailed we feel the things – and the more realms we feel it in. E.g. I feel it in the etheric realm too (as well as the physical and emotional realm) – which is not easy to explain because it is a third eye thing and not a 3d thing. And our language is not nuanced enough to talk about these things yet – that is why expression with art, rituals and sound and movement is so rich – it is beyond words Some people might only feel it in the physical realm or emotional realm or experience it as incidents around them happening to them.
Whereas us who senses the etheric realm experiences that it happens through us too. And the confusion can be that we also know the 3d layer and experience that – and maybe even cling to that, because that is what we have learned is the real deal. The etheric relam is just as real, just less people sense it still.
It is changing though

Oh, and by the way – sometimes these energy influxes are also explained in astrology, and sometimes they are indicated by numbers/dates e.g. 11.11.11. and 12.12…….etc. I think also sometimes with naturedisasters. Actually I see most things in life as something to learn from and be initiated from to become more and more our free self without the conditioning we learned 🙂