It´s the day after 11.11.2018 – also the day of 11.11.11.
I felt the big energy portal
The portal of love
It went all through me
The energy
The strongest initiation I had in a long time.
It started with sudden tiredness
A strong insisting sensation in my third eye
developing into pain in my two other eyes
Then the night came
and out came all that was stored inside
Painful and relieving
My stomach turned and turned
and sent out everything
into the toilet
The visions started passing by
Numbers, faces, vague memories
I don´t remember it all
It was as if it was rising from the deep
Evaporating into the light, into nothing
And the insight came
The knowing
from the inside
Deep inside
That I am loved
I am love
We are not supposed to live in lack
We are not supposed to hold ourselves back
We are not supposed to fear
We are not supposed to think that we are less than
The love goes through everything
We can all enter it
We are all in it
The deep knowing is running through me
I am reminded again
I am seeing again
I know
Today I feel like Phoenix rising from the ashes
The ashes of the old belief
the fear, the not enough-ness, the limitations
Rising into the light, the abundance, the purest purest light
Knowing that there is all we need always
We can now shed the limitations
And rise in love.
Something new is born
In my being
I have cleansed myself from the old
To honor the new, the pure
I am wearing white
Today I am wearing white