I am so excited and proud to be a part of this collaborative book-series initiated by highspirited Radhaa Nilia and Mike Pestano from Radhaa Publishing. It has been life changing to take part. I am thrilled to share my story along with other amazing Starseeds from all over the world.

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I have seen a lot of healers over the years and Lalitah is one of the most perceptive. She has given me a most valuable new insight into the energies affecting my life situation.

Brian Cording

I found Lalitah by accident and didn’t know anything about AscensionTouch before I met her. So I was very intrigued. I thought, the whole process of talking and then receiving the healing and the information I got afterwards was helpful. It made it easy for me to trust and receive. Lalitah’s personality is key to me in the process – she is very connected to the spirit world and a great healer! The entire experience was great for me!

Ursi Köller - Yogateacher, Austria

Dear Lalitah
I had the most comfortable rest in days in your session. I wept when I read what you wrote. All I can think of was love in the session and all I need is that as well. It did profoundly resonated with me.
When the session was done I was hungry and had appetite which is a major sign in healing.Most of the healing was pure energy of love and the awakening call of how I used up my mind and body so restlessly to receive love and forgot to give it myself. Thank you. In tears. Thank you


Melda Göknel, Marketing Strategist, Turkey

I “fell” for Lalitah in Gilleleje hallen. She has something absolutely wonderful around her, that draws. The gentleness, softness and courtesy. A healing with Lalitah gives something really special and blissfull. For me it has been very rewarding in my sometimes quite stressfull daily life. The times I have been at Lalitahs has been splendid and I have left with more peace and blissfulness in my soul and that has been sooo great.

Anna-Belle Wiggers – Cook and coach, Denmark