Do you feel it is time to step into your unique path and create the life that calls you?
Do you need support to fully trust your path and intuition?
To be the leader in all aspects of your life?

I am here to support any soul who has come to earth to create a new world.
We are ascending as humanity and many of us experience these deep changes within us and around us.

I see your highest potential and help you shine you light.
I  hold space for you in your visions and support you in your Ascension Journey

Through raising your frequency and working consciously with you heart energy you will
heal traumas, anxiety and other blockages that surface in your journey, so you can take your next step in your Soul journey.

I have seen a lot of healers over the years and Lalitah is one of the most perceptive. She has given me a most valuable new insight into the energies affecting my life situation. Brian Cording

I found Lalitah by accident and didn’t know anything about AscensionTouch before I met her. So I was very intrigued. I thought, the whole process of talking and then receiving the healing and the information I got afterwards was helpful. It made it easy for me to trust and receive. Lalitah’s personality is key to me in the process – she is very connected to the spirit world and a great healer! The entire experience was great for me! Ursi Köller - Yogateacher, Austria

Dear Lalitah
I had the most comfortable rest in days in your session. I wept when I read what you wrote. All I can think of was love in the session and all I need is that as well. It did profoundly resonated with me.
When the session was done I was hungry and had appetite which is a major sign in healing.Most of the healing was pure energy of love and the awakening call of how I used up my mind and body so restlessly to receive love and forgot to give it myself. Thank you. In tears. Thank you

  Melda Göknel, Marketing Strategist, Turkey

I “fell” for Lalitah in Gilleleje hallen. She has something absolutely wonderful around her, that draws. The gentleness, softness and courtesy. A healing with Lalitah gives something really special and blissfull. For me it has been very rewarding in my sometimes quite stressfull daily life. The times I have been at Lalitahs has been splendid and I have left with more peace and blissfulness in my soul and that has been sooo great. Anna-Belle Wiggers – Cook and coach, Denmark